Triangle Turnovers

January 13, 2024

A passing and defense game that’s great for fitness

Three-on-three touch rugby places the onus on the attack. Players have to work extra hard to make overlaps or get into space. With only one tackle and quick turnovers, there is a premium on fitness and accuracy in this game.

Set up

  • Players: 3 v 3
  • Area: 20m wide, 10m long box
  • Equipment: one ball

Game notes

  • Use only touch tackles, with a two handed touch below the waist. Don’t allow kicking.
  • Restart the game for infringements, with the non-infringing team starting with the ball on their own try line.
  • Let the game run for one minute, and then rest. You can have more than one game going at once.

Comments 1

  1. CoachJL

    Depending on the level of the players, we can delay the team going into offense by 2 or 3 seconds following the touch in order to give the defense time to reorganize itself.

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